Q. Do you plan to add new features?
A. Yes. At the moment the service is more like a minimum viable product. A lot of new features are planned to be implemented in the future.
Q. I want feature 'xyz', can you add it?
A. Maybe. Feel free to send us your feature request.
Q. What's the data format to Import/Export bookmarks?
A. JSON, an array of bookmark objects, where 'ts' is timestamp in milliseconds and other fields are self-explanatory:
[{"url": "http://foo.com/bar", "title": "ARTICLE - foo bar", "ts": 1234567890987, "note": "foo bar", "tags": ["foo","bar"]}, ... ]
Q. Do you plan to support other formats for Import/Export?
A. Yes. Send us a feature request for the data format you need.
Q. Browser extension won't login! What should I do?
A. Please make sure that your browser settings or other browser extensions don't block cookies of fastbmk.com.
  • Firefox users, make sure that 'Accept third-party cookies and site data' option is set to 'Always'.
  • Chrome users, make sure that 'Block third-party cookies' option is set to 'Off'.