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All the tags you've added while creating your bookmarks can be viewed on a separate page.
In addition to regular tags, the service creates additional virtual tags to help you categorize your bookmarks.
Virtual tags are created based on bookmark's domain, date of creation or update and other useful information.
Bulk operations. Create, update, delete.
Text notes for any bookmark.
Search bookmarks.
Filter bookmarks by tags.
Explore your tags
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Import and export your data.
Anytime you want you can import or export all your bookmarks without any restrictions.
You can use this feature to backup your data locally on your computer.
Minimalistic and distraction-free UI.
Import your existing browser bookmarks from all major browsers.
All your links are kept confidential and are only accessible to you.
Cache and snapshots of the bookmarked page.
Screenshots of the bookmarked page.
Import and export your data